Before — Rank #57 | 5 months later — Rank #4 and on CBC TV

Summary – we helped a criminal lawyer in Vancouver go from rank 57 (page 6) in Google Search to rank 4 (page 1). In the process, we helped him get featured on CBC TV (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Joe is great. He has incredible knowledge of SEO and Google advertising. He is innovative and always looks to find solutions to problems. His skill level is extremely high and I have complete confidence in his abilities. Through his great work, my business ranking on Google jumped to the first page. I would recommend him to anyone. He is top class.

Mo Vayeghan
Founder, Vayeghan Litigation

The Client

Mo Vayeghan is an active criminal defence, asylum, and extradition lawyer in Vancouver, BC. His background as a former Crown Prosecutor with law degrees from law schools in Canada and the United States allows him to help his clients who come to him with a vast range of legal issues.

mo vayeghan interview with cbc

The Challenge

The challenge with Mr. Vayeghan’s eponymous law firm, Vayeghan Litigation, was two-fold.

  • The first was to establish a strong online presence in Google Search and Maps against established competitors who have been around for over 15 years.
  • The second was to become a known entity with Canadian media, who often turned to lawyers with 20+ years of experience.

Mr. Vayeghan was looking to establish Vayeghan Litigation as a law firm with multiple fields of focus. At the same time, Mr. Vayeghan himself was exploring media opportunities in local and regional publications.

With his busy legal work schedule and the range of goals, Mr. Vayeghan lacked the time to work on these online presence goals. Mr. Vayeghan also understood the importance of ranking highly in Google Search and Google Maps.

He turned to NearMe Marketing, a firm that understood that ranking on Google in Maps is just as important as ranking for Search. NearMe Marketing did a complete analysis of what the current top-ranking firms were doing with their search engine optimization.

The Solution

Law-firm Specific Copywriting

  • First, NearMe Marketing conducted an extensive analysis of both Vayeghan Litigation’s site and the top-ranking sites. To rank for keywords, NearMe Marketing identified that the practice area pages needed to be optimized and keywords needed to be re-worked.
  • Mr. Vayeghan, a digitally savvy lawyer, had built his own website and understood the necessity of keywords. We identified that there was an excessive usage of the main keyword. In the search engine optimization industry, this is called keyword stuffing.
  • Once we identified all the areas where these keywords were used in excess, we selectively removed some keywords. Right away, Mr. Vayeghan’s site moved from rank 57 (page 6) to rank 19 (on page 2).
  • We then moved onto a content-first SEO approach. Some page content was written as a lawyer would to his colleagues. We rewrote the content to make the page more accessible to a general audience, while preserving legal accuracy and conforming with Law Society regulations on advertising claims.

Outreach based on real-time events

Second, Mr. Vayeghan wanted a greater media presence. He had previously been published in the Vancouver Sun, a regional publication.

NearMe Marketing observed that Mr. Vayeghan’s unique background was particularly applicable to the Huawei Meng Wanzhou extradition case. Using real-time alerting tools, we stayed on top of court case proceedings, and worked closely with reporters covering the trial, positioning Mr. Vayeghan’s dual US-Canada qualifications to gain significant interest from the media.


First Page Rankings on Google

Vayeghan Litigation’s rankings increased to rank 1, 3, and 9 4 on page 1 for the three major keywords that were sought by Mr. Vayeghan.

For two of the three keywords, the website also entered the ‘map pack’, the Google Maps result that shows up before search results. This was achieved in a competitive geography such as Vancouver, where other law firms on the first page have been operating for 10+ or even 20+ years.

Live Appearance on the Top National TV Channel

For his media presence, Mr. Vayeghan was featured live on CBC TV (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Since then, Mr. Vayeghan has parlayed this appearance into becoming a rising legal expert on various criminal defence and extradition matters.